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  • GMAT is a computer-adaptive entrance test specifically designed for candidates interested in gaining admission to business school. It intends to assess important skills for the future students of business school.
  • Awarded by the Graduate Management Admission Council GMAT tests abilities such as analytical writing, problem-solving, critical reasoning, logic and data sufficiency – skills that are relevant to business programs. Recognizable across the world, GMAT is used by more than 2000 universities in over One hundred countries and testing for it takes place in over six hundreds centers located all around the globe.
1. Verbal Reasoning (45 minutes)21 Questions – Arithmetic; Algebra
2. Quantitative Reasoning (45 minutes)23 Questions – Critical Reasoning; Reading Comprehension
3. Data Insights (45 minutes)20 Questions – Multi-Source Reasoning; Table Analysis; Graphics Interpretation;
Two-Part Analysis; Data Sufficiency
Total Scores205 to 805
Total Time2 hours, 25 minutes

Plan your GMAT journey with these key dates for 2024:

GMAT Test Date:Registration Deadline:
March 9, 2024 ExamFebruary 23 to 27, 2024
May 4, 2024 ExamApril 19 to 23, 2024
June 1, 2024 ExamMay 16 to 21, 2024

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA):

  • Tasks: One essay analyzing an argument.
  • Objective: Determine the ability for critical evaluation and communication skills
Integrated Reasoning (IR):
  • Question Types: Multisource Reasoning, Table Reading
  • Objective: 3 Assess its ability to compute several different data sources and solve difficult problems.


Quantitative Reasoning:

  • Question Types: Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency.
  • Objective: 8. Rate mathematical and quantitative reasoning skills.

Verbal Reasoning:


  • Question Types: Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning.
  • Objective: Evaluate reading, understanding and verbal reasoning abilities.

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